Roberto Cavalli

The Roberto Cavalli Home collection features select choices, inspired by colour, realised and adapted according to the furnishings. The iconic Italian designer has drawn on different fabrics and materials, set off by a single print, dye or effect, transforming them into exclusive pieces.

‘When I create a dress I want it to emphasise the femininity of a woman at all times; and so as with designing for the home, I try to identify the character of the people I’m designing for, thinking how I can diffuse this with the colours, the warmth and joy of living that first of all one gives oneself....’

This striking collection is born from a desire to share the optimism of Roberto Cavalli’s fashion with those who love him and is completely derived from his creativity, his philosophy, and his style. He believes there is no difference between the thinking behind designing a clothing line and a homeware line. The Roberto Cavalli lifestyle is always hugely driven by passion.

Signature Pieces

Roberto Cavalli Home’s signature style is all about iconic animal prints, classic bold colours & luxurious textures, find it across soft furnishings to dinnerware.


Roberto Cavalli

Embrace the glamorous lifestyle of Roberto Cavalli with designs to suit every room from the bathroom to the bedroom with the fashion-led luxury home collection.

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Roberto Cavalli

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Roberto Cavalli was born on November 15 1940 in Florence, Italy. He studied at the Academy of Art in Florence in 1957, and it was here he decided not to become an artist but to work with textiles instead. Experimenting with painterly techniques onto fabrics, in a way which had never been seen before. His innovation of printing onto leather got him noticed by the likes of Hermès and Pierre Cardin where he earned commissions in the 1970s, setting him on the journey to become the fashion icon he is today.

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