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Deco Bed Linen NZ$347 to NZ$892
Admirer Duvet Set - White NZ$1,397 to NZ$1,493
Admirer Duvet Set - Grey NZ$1,397 to NZ$1,493
Ondine Duvet Set - Grey NZ$1,156 to NZ$1,229
Edyta Bed Linen NZ$347 to NZ$892
Ondine Grey Bed Linen NZ$578 to NZ$1,229
Ondine Duvet Set - Mauve NZ$1,156 to NZ$1,229
Ondine Mauve Bed Linen NZ$578 to NZ$1,229
Palm Bed Linen NZ$347 to NZ$892


Founded in 1867, Somma has developed a defining quality over the course of its existence that adds a sign of distinction to any home their products grace. Interpreting a vast range of desires and atmospheres that have always distinguished the most sophisticated of lifestyles, Somma’s captivating collections are rooted in the history of the finest Italian products. Blending luxury, comfort, exclusivity and innovation, the brand always import materials from their country of origin where a native understanding of the natural qualities and fibres produces exquisite textiles. Somma then carry out the entire production process within an exclusive Italian context; producing an unwavering quality that is instantly recognisable in any home.

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